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Utah Public Education Wants To Have Cake, Eat It Too

October 19, 2011

I listened to the education interim meeting discuss a tax credit proposal this morning. The credit will allow students with behavior or learning issues to go to a private school.

These are the students that are brought up in every public education performance and funding discussion in Utah. Public education apologists say these students use more resources than others, that they are more expensive to educate and that is the reason for any perception of poor school performance.

So a proposal is offered that would ease the burden on public education by allowing some of these students to leave. It would free up those resources and solve the very problem educators and administrators have highlighted for years. But instead of embracing the plan, the apologists insist they continue to be given the power to be the only choice for these students.

It reminds me of the head tax proposals. The apologists complain that families like mine with multiple children in school aren’t paying our fair share, that our kids are a burden on the system. But when I propose a way to stop being a burden by letting my kids leave the system these same apologists trip over themselves in their rush to shoot it down.

It’s clear that any idea that doesn’t include public education getting every student, and every dollar that student represents, will not find the support of these apologists.


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