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Democratization of Information

October 10, 2011

Beginning at 51:35 of the following video, Michael Harrington in 1979 calls for the government to set up a fund that minority intellectual groups can use to fund their dissident research.  He argues, “if you don’t have the expertise, the knowledge technology, you’re out of the debate.”



Milton Friedman’s answer to Harrington is instructive, but what I find fascinating is the knowledge that today information really is democratized, just as Michael Harrington desired.  But it’s that way not because of some bureaucratic research fund, but rather because of technology and the ability to share information instantaneously.  Facebook, Google, Twitter etc spread information so quickly that no one has the excuse to be uninformed.    The ability to do one’s own research and look up original sources has been my most valued part of the internet era.  Online forums, may they be facebook, blogs, or online newspaper comment sections, let you test and defend your opinions literally against people from all over the world, from all cultural and political persuasions.  Information has truly been democratized, and in a really organic way.


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